Quick Guide to Buying the Best Pop Up Canopy

The pop up canopy has brought about a great change in the events industry. Nowadays it is not necessary to hire a physical hall to conduct your function. Pop up canopies have indeed revolutionized the events industry. Pop up canopies are popular for a number of purposes. A family or a group of friends may use the pop up canopy for an event on the beach or a park. You may also have occasion to use it at the backyard of your home for family gatherings and birthday parties. Pop up canopies are also very popular at the trade fairs where one has his or her booth to take care of.

A good pop up canopy should have a number of distinctive qualities that separates it or distinguishes it from the others.

Durability and Resilient

A good pop up canopy is durable. It should not easily tear. The best type have rip stop capability. It means that small tears on the canopy will not expand to become major holes. It should also be water resistant.

Fire Resistant

A good pop up canopy has fire resistant capabilities. Such a canopy is not flammable. Smokers can smoke at will without endangering the canopy. You can also use it at a campsite where there are bonfires without any risk of damage.

Easy Set Up

A good pop up canopy should be easy to set up. It should take less than a few minutes to set up fully. It only requires two people to help set it up. Each person takes hold of a frame and they move apart from each other. As they do so, the canopy unfolds and begins to set up. The poles also move into their appropriate position as the canopy unfolds.

UV Blocking Capability

These facilities are designed for use in open spaces such as beaches and parks. During the hot summer months, the sun gets hot and as such, it becomes very dangerous to remain exposed too long. Too much exposure to the sun’s hot rays may result in sunburns and eventually skin cancer. A good pop up canopy has the ability to block the sun’s dangerous ultra violet rays and thereby shield your friends and family from its harm effects.

Metal Frame

The metal frame of a good pop up canopy should be strong. It is best to have one that has stainless steel to avoid rust. It should be of high quality and therefore provide the advantage of being durable and long lasting. Though the frame should be strong, it is also necessary to have it lightweight. This is important to facilitate easy portability. The canopy fits easily into its carry bag and onto your car.

Wind Resistant

Many times the beaches are very windy even as the sun shines bright. A good pop up canopy should be wind resistant. To help facilitate this, attach sand filled weights to the poles. These help to steady the canopy in the face of strong winds. To complement this, use a couple of ropes and stakes to attach the canopy to the ground.