Quick Repair Tips for a Hinge Pin Door Stop Quick Repair Tips for a Hinge Pin Door Stop

A typical hinge pin door stop is slipped over the bottom hinge of the door to prevent it from freely rotating on the pin and opening too wide. Hinge pin door stops comes in different designs and sizes to suit your needs so whether you have a small or big door, you can always find something to stop it from swinging too far and banging on the wall. Although most types of pin door stops are durable, these devices will eventually need repairs. To help you repair minor damages on your pin door stop, here are some tips for you.

Door Swings Too Wide

If your door swings too wide even after you installed the pin door stop, you should adjust the hind leg of the door stop and make sure that the rubber end of the leg rests at the right distance from the wall. You may need to test your door a few times before you can get the right distance so be patient.

Squeaky Hinge

A squeaky hinge can make a lot of noise when you open or close the door. If the squeaky sound bothers you, you should remove the hinge pin door stop then apply oil on the hinge. Replace the pin and let it soak in the oil for a while before you attempt to open and close the door.

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