Quiksand - Sanding Blocks for Wood and Drywall

When using traditional sandpaper, sanding can be a long, frustrating process. Earthstone's revolutionary QuikSand® products make surface preparation faster and easier than ever before.

QuikSand's clog-resistant surface won't tear on sharp surfaces, nails, screws, corners or splinters. Its clean, abrasive surface self-sharpens, works four times (4x) faster and lasts six times (6x) longer than traditional sandpaper. And, QuikSand's unique consistency conforms to the shape of almost any surface, making it easier to sand hard-to-reach areas.

QuikSand products are ideal for tough surface preparation jobs and general surface preparation. Use QuikSand to remove paint, varnish and almost any other coating from wood, metal, drywall, furniture, molded trim work, home exteriors, doors, window frames, boats and cars.

Made from 90 percent recycled material, QuikSand is a non-toxic alternative to harsh chemical strippers.

  • Light Duty Stripping (80-120 Grit Medium): Quickly sands and feathers painted or varnished surfaces for repainting.
    Also available in a 12 pack.

  • Conforming (100-150 Grit Medium/Fine) Conforming (100-150 Grit Medium/Fine): Ideal for intricate, uneven surfaces. Conforms while it sands.
    Also available in a 12 pack.

  • Drywall (100-120 Grit) Drywall (100-120 Grit): Easy grip, non-clogging sanding block smoothes and feathers drywall fast.
    Also available in a 12 pack.

Courtesy of Earthstone