Rabbet Rabbet

A rabbet, also known as a rebate, is a special groove cut into the edge of a piece of machineable material to allow for another groove-cut piece of the same material to be joined to it to make a corner joint. 

A rabbet is typically and most commonly cut from a piece of wood. Creating rabbets in the pieces of wood helps the corner joint to be flush and thus, more stable. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye when cut this way.

Methods of Creating a Rabbet

There are several different ways that a rabbet can be cut into a piece of wood:

  • Electric router (by using a straight or rabbet bit)
  • Rebate plane
  • Shoulder plane
  • Circular saw (the number of passes you will need to make will depend on the width and depth of the needed rabbet)
  • Spindle moulder
  • Hand saw and chisel
  • Band saw

Rabbets are used in window casings, in the creation of cabinets, and in the use of door casement jambs.

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