Radial Arm Saw vs Tenon Saw Radial Arm Saw vs Tenon Saw

When it comes down to a radial arm saw and a tenon saw you will need to make sure that you understand the difference between the two. Knowing what each saw can do for you will help you to make a better decision about which will work better for your needs.

Radial Arm Saw

This type of saw is often thought of as one of the most versatile power tools for wood working. You will be able to use this saw for vertical movements and you can make cuts anywhere from 0 all the way up to 90 degrees. This type of saw is best for cutting beveled, mitered as well as compound angles. They are usually sturdy enough to rip lumber. This is an ideal saw for home improvements.

Tenon Saw

This type of saw is a type of a handsaw. It is made stiff so that it has enough stability to the blade during cuts. When it comes to back saws, tenon saws are the most popular. Many people use this type of saw when they need to cut across the grain. Those that need a saw for rip cutting can rely on these. Tenon saws can be used for sliding dovetails, housing dados, tenon shoulders and miter box cuts. 

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