Radiant Heat Panel Parts

Radiant heat panel systems are a popular method of increasing the range of a radiant heat system. These panels are frequently made of metal or plastic, and move heat through the system without having any moving parts themselves. Radiant heat panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them are designed to pass heat from the radiant heat coils to the floor above. Most homeowners, once a panel becomes old, or past its optimum conductivity, dispose of radiant heat panels, and purchase new ones, rather than looking for replacement parts.

Parts for Radiant Heat Panels

The parts contained within radiant heat panels are made from metal or plastic. The most basic kind of panel is essentially a rectangle of flat metal, through which a pair of grooves have been cut. These grooves are used to hold the plastic cable, but they are not generally part of the panel itself. Replacing a panel such as this should not be difficult, so long as you can access the panel, it should be an easy matter just to lift the old panel away and replace it with a new one of a similar type. If you have taken out old panels and kept them, you may find that removing parts from these is an effective way of maintaining other panels, although you would need to be sure that the parts work before attempting to fit them on a new sheet.

Hydronic Radiant Heat Panels

There are more complicated panels, of course, such as the Ultra Fine Radiant Floor Heating System, which is a hydronic system, and contains hardwood, along with metal (aluminum) fittings and other accessories. New hydronic systems actually use aluminum plates attached to the panels to transfer more heat. They are also more usually well-insulated than other panel systems. Hydronic floor panel parts are more expensive, and for a professional layer, it will cost between $800 and $900 dollars per 100 square foot. Purchasing replacement accessories for a hydronic radiant heat panel might make more economic sense than discarding the entire piece, although availability is a big issue when deciding this.

Finding Parts for Radiant Heat Panels

It is often clear when radiant heat panels are past their best. They often fail to pass heat through to the floor, so your first indication of this problem might be a particular close spot upon the floor. Once you have removed the panel from its surroundings, you can take a closer look at the damage to it.

If you decide to replace the parts on your panel, rather than purchasing a new piece, it is possible that you may be able to find some parts by contacting the original maker of the product. They will sometimes take in old panels and break them up for parts, so this is your best chance of finding a new piece for your panel if you are having trouble locating parts. They may also be able to offer you upgrades, or even a complete replacement panel for a reduced price, depending upon how available such products are .