Radiant Heat Wood Floor Maintenance Radiant Heat Wood Floor Maintenance

What You'll Need
Concrete slab
Radiant heat
Wooden floor

A radiant heat wood floor is a great way to heat your home, especially in the cold winter months. But the radiant heat can damage your wooden floors if it is not installed and maintained properly. This project is not hard to do, but requires some preparation and timing on your part. It can take weeks to finish and should be done in the summer due to the drying process of the concrete slab.

Step 1 – Check for Proper Installation

Make sure the radiant heat was properly installed in the first place. If it was not put in right, then you will have to start the project from scratch.

Step 2 – Remove Wooden Floor and Concrete Slab

You will have to first remove the old wooden floor and concrete slab. Visit your local home improvement store to pick up some concrete slab and new wooden floors if you want. Reinstalling new wooden floors can give the room a different feel and look, and will help modernize the home. Just be sure that the wooden floors you choose is in line with the look of the rest of the room.

Step 3 – Install Concrete Slab

It is very important to know that the radiant heat should never be applied directly to the wooden floor. This is because too much heat can damage the wood, so it is extremely important to first install the concrete slab. The concrete slab acts as a divider between the radiant heat and wood floor, ensuring that they never touch. It also keeps the wooden floor from cracking, bowing, warping and causing other possible damages.

Step 4 – Let Concrete Dry

Since it can take the concrete slab many weeks to dry completely, it is best to start this project when it is warm outside, such as late Spring or early Summer. If you do not let the concrete completely dry before reinstalling the wooden floor, it can create many problems. The excess moisture can cause the wood to warp once the floor is laid down.

Step 5 – Additional Drying Method

To make sure there is no excess moisture, it is a good idea to turn the heat on. If you are installing the concrete slab in the summer and because it is too hot during this period, keep the heat on when no one is home, so you and your family are not affected by the heat. Turning the heat on for 1 to 2 weeks will also help cut down on the drying time. But you can still wait a little longer to make sure the concrete is absolutely dry.

Step 6 – Install Wooden Floor

Now that you are sure the concrete slab is completely dry, you can reinstall the wooden floor. You can use the pieces you already have or buy new pieces to give the room a cleaner and more polished look.

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