Radiator Flush vs Changing Antifreeze Radiator Flush vs Changing Antifreeze

To keep you car running to it’s peak performance, you must be sure you regularly maintain the radiator and cooling system and perform an occasional radiator flush. While this can be done for you at tune ups, it is a fairly simple to keep up with it yourself. But when it better to flush your radiator as opposed to a simple antifreeze change?

Antifreeze Change

Every season has different hardships in store for your car. No matter how well it is running, it’s a good idea to change your antifreeze out. This will prevent build up and provide assurance that your car is running on the optimal levels of coolant needed.

Radiator Flush

In order to keep your antifreeze running through the systems smoothly, they need to be clean. A radiator flush can be done seasonally before each antifreeze change, or twice a year before winter and summer, when the weather is the hardest on your vehicle. The process is only one step more than an antifreeze change, adding radiator flush solution after you drain the antifreeze and running your car so it can work through the system. Then, after your engine cools, you simply drain it out and put in fresh antifreeze.

You can keep your vehicle in top shape, and a regular antifreeze change will help, but if you want to insure you are doing all you can, a radiator flush will keep your ride running smooth.

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