Radiator Flush: Why It's Important

Car maintenance is important prior to any long distance driving, and a radiator flush is important to ensure that while on the road, your radiator will not let your car overheat. Keeping your radiator in good condition will benefit you during your travels, especially on a hot day. Radiators are basically heat-exchanging mechanisms that keep your car cool and prevent it from overheating. Over time and depending on the car’s age, radiators usually get clogged and corroded, and dirt and sediments form at the bottom. The radiator grills also tend to collect bugs and can cause other problems. When this happens, coolant does not get into the radiator mechanisms properly and the result would be an ineffective radiator, waste of coolant and an overheating car.


A radiator flush should be done once in 2 years, and for some, at least once a year depending on the make of the car. If you are familiar with car parts and have knowledge with cars, you may do a radiator flush yourself but could get messy if not done incorrectly. All car shops do radiator flushes and this would probably be your best bet for this job.


Always remember to make a schedule of all your radiator flushes so that you can ensure maintenance. Although overheating can be caused by other things and a radiator flush will not totally solve your overheating problems in the long run, it is still best to keep your radiator in top shape.