Radishes: Germinate a Radish Seed Radishes: Germinate a Radish Seed

What You'll Need
Radish seed
Carrot seeds (If radishes are being used as a guide)
Hand trowel
Watering can and water

Growing radishes in the vegetable garden is relatively easy. Doing so will provide the gardener with a nutritious, economical addition to the garden. Radishes are sometimes used as guides when planting carrots and are used to mark these areas because radishes grow faster than carrots. 

It does not take a seasoned gardener to have success in growing radishes. Anyone can plant them successfully. Children will also be able to enjoy taking part in a planting project. 

Step 1 - Determine the Location

Radishes will grow well in any vegetable garden. They love the sun but they do not like extreme heat so full sun is not the best location choice for them. It will be better to plant them in an area that receives a little shade throughout the day. 

Step 2 - Prepare the Soil

Radishes like soil that is rich and well drained. The soil should be prepared a month before planting. To do this, dig a hole 6 inches deep at the area where the radishes will be planted using the hand trowel. This will loosen the soil and allow for extraction of all stones. Once the hole has been refilled with the dirt, work two handfuls of bonemeal into the soil. 

Step 3 - Other Preparations

Gather all tools and materials into one location when ready to plant the radish seeds. It is easier to accomplish the task of planting if everything is on hand. 

Step 4 - Planting the Radishes

Radish seed should be sown in small amounts every couple of weeks. This will allow a steady stream of radishes to be harvested throughout the growing season. Radishes only take about a month to mature. It is beneficial to skip the hottest weeks of the season when planting as radishes struggle with the heat and will not do well at these times. The hottest part of the season will often be dependent on location in garden that the radishes will be planted in. 

  • Sow the seeds a half inch deep and two inches apart. This will make it unnecessary to thin the seedlings later on, thus saving time and effort.
  • The rows themselves should be about 8 inches apart. The seeds germinate within a few days.
  • Water the area well when planting is finished. 

Step 5 - Keeping Up

Water the garden as necessary. The area should not be too wet but the radishes will still need a moderate soaking. Be sure to weed the garden weekly and harvest often. Radishes do not like to be left in the ground once they have finished growing. If planting once a month, harvest monthly. If harvesting every other week, harvest at the same time after the first month. 


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