Rain Shower Head Styles

Many unique rain shower head styles are available to help you transform your bathroom from a plain washroom into a luxurious spa. Who wants to take an ordinary shower when the rain shower heads offer better dispersion of more water at a lighter pressure? The different finishes and styles can add a touch of elegance or whimsy to any powder room.

What Kinds of Finishes are Available?

Depending on the brands that are available in your local home improvement stores, rain shower head finishes include:

  • Chrome, for a clean and classic look
  • Polished brass, for a hint of color
  • Satin nickel, for a modern, updated look

Any of these finishes would easily complement any bathroom décor. Sometimes the finishes can be featured in combinations as well, such as chrome and porcelain or chrome and brass.

Styles of Rain Shower Heads

There are basically 3 styles of rain shower heads: traditional, exotic, and hand-held shower heads.

  • Traditional rain shower heads are round and somewhat disc-shaped, with many perforations for the water to be dispersed. Their appearance is much like that of a cheese grater. Traditional shower heads come in many sizes, ranging from 10 inches, to 8 inches, and down to 5 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • Exotic rain shower heads provide the most shapes for finding a decorative or distinctive look. These shower heads are shaped so that they resemble flowers or pinwheels rather than just plain shower heads. Some look as though they could spin around even though they remain stationary. The water is routed through the arms of the shower head, creating a different water pattern for the shower. The flower and spoke-wheel shapes can add a sense of playfulness to a bathroom.
  • Hand-held rain shower heads can be removed from the wall and maneuvered to spray in any angle the user wishes. Hand-held styles may not be widely available yet.

The wall-mounted styles, like the traditional and the exotic shower heads, can also be secured using curved or arch-shaped shower arms, adding yet another decorative element.

Advantages over Regular Shower Heads

Yes, rain shower heads offer 3 important advantages that plain shower heads do not.

  • Rain shower heads dispense larger drops of water faster, so the user gets completely soaked in a uniform fashion. The pressure of the shower is controlled by gravity rather than conventional water pressure. Rain shower heads provide more than enough of a water stream to completely rinse away shampoo and soap.
  • Water pressure in the pipes pushes the water through regular shower heads, causing the user to be pelted with water.  The stronger the water pressure, the more it could be causing damage to the user’s scalp and skin. The rain shower heads provide much gentler pressure that is effective at removing soap residue without damaging the skin or scalp.
  • Water falling through a rain shower head feels much more like natural rain fall than a stream of pressurized water. The experience of taking a shower is much more relaxed and soothing.

Rain shower heads can be part of a unique home décor scheme as well as provide a more natural, relaxing shower experience.