Rain Water Recycling: 4 Best Ways to Catch the Water Rain Water Recycling: 4 Best Ways to Catch the Water

Rain water recycling is an eco-friendly practice that will save you money on your water bill while providing a natural means of recycling an important resource. Here are four ways to capture rain water to make it available for other purposes.

1. Barrels

Farmers have used barrels for a long time to catch rain water to feed animals and crops. Barrels can be purchased and placed anywhere outside to be able to catch the rain as it falls. These devices are usually sold with a drainage system to allow the water to be used for irrigation. Rain barrels can be an expensive purchase. A more cost effective means of catching water is through the use of a recycled garbage can. Be sure the can is free of an toxins or bacteria, then place it the same way a rain barrel is used. Consider putting a mesh screen over the can to filter out anything harmful to plants.

2. Chains

This rain collector is made out of copper and moves rainwater from the roof to the garden. It guides water down chains and into containers. The best container to use is a watering can.

3. Tanks

Rain tanks also catch rainwater. However, these devices collect the water from gutter systems and then store the water underground. When needed, the water is pumped up to the home or garden. They are more costly to install than barrels but they can also save more on water bills.  Smaller tanks can be used in the garden by setting empty plastic beverage bottles out throughout the yard or garden to collect rainwater falling from trees and gutters. By cutting the top off and digging the plastic container into the ground, the container will have fully supported and stable.

4. Gardens

This landscaping system provides the homeowner with a natural system of catching water. Rain that runs off the roof and driveway is diverted to the garden. This method is simple to create but provides no place for the water to be stored as it falls. 

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