Rain Water Recycling: How to Treat the Water Rain Water Recycling: How to Treat the Water

What You'll Need
Very small grate wire

Water is a precious resource, which is why many people have begun rainwater recycling. Increases in water bills, expanding costs and an increased number of people trying to live environmentally friendly have led to an increase in recycle rainwater. Water can be collected during rainfall and then reused for a wide range of things including watering your yard, watering animals, cleaning, bathing and much more. By making an effort to collect and reuse rainwater, you can lower your water bills and live more environmentally friendly at the same time.

Step 1 - Decide Use

If you plan to reuse the collected water for landscaping or to water your yard, very little treatment of the water will be necessary and very little preparation is required. However, if you plan to use the water for anything else there are steps you can take to treat the water prior to use.

Step 2- Purchase a Container

The first thing you need to do is purchase a collection container or containers. The size of container can vary according to what you plan to use the collected water for and how much water you plan to collect. You can choose to use small spastic buckets or jugs or larger containers such as 55-gallon plastic barrels. If you plan to use the water for multiple applications, consider purchasing multiple containers that you can keep separately and work with separately. Never purchase metal containers or cans as these will rust over time and contaminate the water.

Step 3 – Protect the Containers

The next thing you need to do is protect the containers. You want to protect the water containers from debris, bugs and anything else that can fall into the water. You can do this by covering the top of the containers with a very small grate wire. As well, this will add safety to the container to prevent accidents involving children or small animals.

Step 4 – Placement of Containers

If you are planning to only use the rainwater for landscaping, then you simply need to place the containers at the end of a drain spout coming from your home’s gutter system. The rainwater that runs off the home during rainfall will trickle down the drain spout and into the container. If you plan to use the water for anything other than landscape watering, you need to keep your gutter system clean and free from dirt or any debris as this can breed germs. You can clean your gutters by flushing bleach water down them, just make sure your collection bins are not still at the bottom of the down spouts when you do this.

Step 4 – Treat the Water

If you wish to use the water for hand washing, watering pets or cleaning indoors then you need to treat the water before using it. To treat the rainwater, you simply need to boil the water for 20 minutes. Make sure the full 20 minutes is boiling, do not start counting the 20 minutes until the water has reached a boil.

Step 5 - Storing Rainwater

If you wish to store the rainwater, simply purchase additional containers for collection. Once a container is full, you can siphon the water from your collection container using a water hose into a storage container.

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