Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Construction Step-By-Step Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Construction Step-By-Step

A raised vegetable garden bed can be used for cosmetic purposes or to help with a problem with draining. These types of beds are easy to use and can be made from just about anything. Below are some instructions on making a raised vegetable garden bed for your yard.


You should start out by drawing a diagram of your yard. From there you need to decide how many beds you want and how big you are going to want them to be. Decide on the height of the walls, begin your calculations. Determine how much lumber you are going to need for this project before you go out and buy any.


Be sure that you have enough room between each bed to walk through. Strip all of the turf, weed the entire area. You may need to move flowers or plants nearby as well.


A trench will need to be dug underneath the border of the bed. This trench should be at least 2 inches deep. Build your box then get it settled into the trench. The box should be as level and solid as possible. Make sure that the dirt is packed thoroughly down into the edges. Fill up the bed with soil and you’re ready to go.

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