Range Cookers

Range cookers include a number of different kitchen units, from those that are a part of a full oven range to smaller countertop appliances. Countertop range cookers often use induction cooking, a highly efficient method for preparing food that heats the vessel itself as opposed to the cooktop. Induction range cookers provide users with instantaneous control of the heat source, and the threat of being burned is less. One caveat to using this type of range cooker is that ferromagnetic cookware is necessary in order for the process of induction to work.


Makers of range cookers include Vollrath and Cecilware. Prices range from $150 to several thousands of dollars for commercial units. Featuring a ceramic top and a stainless steel exterior, range cookers clean up fast and have a measure of style about them. Control features include digital display and convenient push-button operation. Since induction cooking requires the circumference of the burner to match that of the cooking vessel, select cookers feature an adjustable burner size that automatically reconfigures according to the shape of the pan or pot.


Range cookers can be expensive, but they are highly effective at preparing food quickly. However, the proper cookware must be used. Cast iron, some stainless steel and multi-clad cookware is ideal. Suitable cookware generally features a label that indicates if it is induction-applicable.