Raspberry Bedroom Raspberry Bedroom

Q: I am going to paint my master bedroom raspberry red in a medium tone, and I want to make sure that when I'm done, everything looks as if it fits. This is what I'm working with: creamy white furniture, linens with a taupy-green background with raspberry and gold flowers, some greenery and a little bit of creamy white, a fairly new carpet that is medium gray, headboard and lamps that are brass, and a deep raspberry velvet lazy-boy chair. My decor is modern. You can see into the dressing room, which in turn leads to the ensuite bathroom. The bathroom walls are covered in ceramic tile with a marble design, white with greenish markings. The counter-top is a stone-like mix of dark grey/white/black. The cabinets and the fixtures are white. The faucets, towel bars and shelving are brass. There are two long, narrow windows and a walkout door with glass panes to a deck in the bedroom.

My question is: what color should I paint the trim?

A: Well, if I were living in a house with walkout doors to a bedroom patio, I'm sure I'd be much less anxious. Even I could probably relax for a few early-morning meditative moments, listening to the birds sing and calming down a little.

But you didn't write just to hear praise for your home.

You actually have little to fret over, as it is clear there is only one color that will work the best: creamy white. It will give definition to the medium raspberry walls, and while your bathroom is white, creamy white is softer and will complement the further-off white of the bathroom. You might also consider painting just one wall raspberry red and the rest the creamy white, in this way preventing the color from overwhelming the room. If you do this, you should still keep your trim creamy white. I would replace the shiny gold lamps, using a dull brass or a wood stained so you can see the grain.

My biggest concern is the grey carpet. Even though it's fairly new, you may want to consider changing it. Unless the grey is the same color value as the taupe in the linens, it won't work well. Taupe can have either a pink cast or a green cast, and grey tends to have pink, blue or green casts.

In considering another carpet choice, consider also other kinds of flooring: wood, tile, faux-wood, and others. There is a lot to choose from these days, and then you could use a throw rug to tie it all together.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Interior Design

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