Reading Chairs

Reading chairs are most often found in living rooms and dens, or in a private office. Reading chairs are a single seat chair designed for comfort in reading. Reading chairs aren’t just for reading, of course, they are for comfortably sitting in. Some of the more popular types of reading chairs are the recliner, glider, fireside reading chair, winged recliner and the rocking chair.

Reading Chairs and Ottomans

Reading chairs are often paired with ottomans. Ottomans create a comfortable, relaxed position for sitting, with the feet lifted slightly higher up. Bedtime reading chairs are a particular style, which have a small extended piece that is attached to the foot of the chair, like a long, rectangular ottoman.

There are small sized reading chairs for children, which often are rocking chairs. the recliner with a foot rest is one of the most used and popular reading chairs, a kind of combination reading chair and ottoman, all built into one.