Ready-to-Tile Shower Bases

If you want to know more on how shower bases are installed and what tools you need then follow the steps below.

Ready-to-Tile Shower Bases

Ready-to-tile shower bases are a one-set piece which is included with all of the extra work inside of the bases. This includes drain walls and drains to curbs and correct dimensions for the pitch so that when you install the unit almost half of the work is done for you already.

Installation Ease

With the shower bases and the ready-to-tile design there will be no mold from the water and the installation of the whole shower bases is only done in around 30 minutes to 1 hour. This would normally take a whole day if you have to install all of the extra parts to make a shower bases work.

Regulation and Code

If you are worried about being up-to-date with regulation and plumbing code, then the ready-to-tile shower bases have already been passed and are ready for other plumbing and national codes to keep your shower bases in check.

Save Money

The ready-to-tile shower bases are very easy to install with only 1 piece and is compliant with all of the national codes for shower bases. This will save you money with less time to install and has all regulations up to date.