Real Wood vs Laminate Flooring: How to Decide

The choice between real wood or laminate is a struggle for many homeowners. Here are some basic facts that should help you decide which flooring will suit your home best.


If you plan on staying in your home for the rest of your life, or at least 20 years, you may want to consider installing real hardwood flooring. Laminate looks great, but it’s generally going to last about 20 years. Hardwood floors can last 100 years if kept-up and treated well.


Hardwood may look better to a lot of people, but costs quite a bit more. Not only do you have to pay for the wood flooring itself, but for floor treatments. All the cleaning products and oils you will have to purchase to maintain your hardwood flooring will add up over time. Laminate flooring averages $3 a square foot. A good quality hardwood floor can cost as much as $7-$10 a square foot.

Resale Value

Hardwood flooring will increase the resale value of your home. If you have wall to wall laminate, you can expect the resale to be higher than if you have carpet, but it will be even higher with real hardwood.


Laminate flooring is great for a family on the go. It requires very little maintenance and cleaning it is a breeze. If it’s damaged, it’s also very easy to replace one plank necessary. Hardwood is harder to keep clean and difficult to repair. You will need to invest in a good wood floor sealer to prevent scratches and other damage.