Realigning Shower Doors

Your shower door may occasionally pop out of alignment. It is easy to get your door back on track.

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are often constructed of tempered glass placed in a metal frame. The system is actually two doors that run in a by-pass system, with one door being placed close to the outside of the shower and one on inside tracks that run along the tops and bottoms of the doors.

When one of the doors gets knocked out of alignment, both doors can end up on the same track. As a result, the doors may not slide open freely, making it difficult to access the shower or to run water without spraying the whole bathroom.

Realigning the Doors

Use a small block of wood to gently tap against the door that is out of alignment. Usually, this will pop the door back onto its own track.

If the problem happens often, the root may be that the screw holding the door in the track has come loose. Climb a ladder until you are above the door and can see the screw easily. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw until the door no longer pops off the track. It is a good idea to tighten the top track screw on both doors at the same time to prevent the problem from recurring.

Using a level, also check to see that the doors are leveled and straight. In some cases, the doors pop off the track when they are slightly warped or when the frame has bent. If the level indicates that the doors are not level, first check to see that each door is on the correct track. Then check along the metal frame of the door to see if there are any places where the frame has bent or warped slightly. If this is the case, then the door will need to be replaced entirely.

Replacing Shower Doors

Replacing a shower door simply means purchasing a new shower door and placing it in the shower track. If this is something you need to do, carefully measure the existing door so that you can purchase a replacement with the same dimensions. You may decide that you want to replace both by-pass doors so that they will match, particularly if the glass is etched with a pattern.

When you get the new door home, follow the manufacturer's instructions to place them along the shower tracks. Tighten the top track screws and then slide the doors back and forth several times to make sure they slide smoothly.