Reappropriating Granite Floor Tiles Reappropriating Granite Floor Tiles

If you have had your kitchen refitted recently, then you may have some granite floor tiles which are now going to waste. Granite is a very valuable natural resource, and it is a pity to throw away these tiles simply because they have been replaced by something else. An alternative to this is to try and reappropriate the granite floor tiles into something else, to give them a new purpose in your garden, or around the home, in order to ensure that you get the most out of these valuable items.

Use as a Pedestal

If you have a large number of these granite floor tiles, then you should clean them up as much as possible, and turn them into the pedestal base for a table. These kinds of bases are all the rage, and you should be able to find a suitable table top model when you look around. However, you could also mortar a few of the granite floor tiles together, so that you can also make a table top out of the same material.

Make sure that your granite floor tiles are completely clean before you start using them for anything else, and that you have flat surfaces with which to work. Create the pedestal by combining it with a mortar such as cement, and fixing them into a straight, square pile. You can then add more of the mortar to the top of the pedestal, and create a table top from four more tiles. You don't even have to do the latter, as you can simply use the pedestal to hold plant pots or  support a washing line.

Use as Coasters

Another good way of using the granite floor tiles is as coasters. Granite is the perfect substance to use for hot food, as it doesn't get hot itself. You could place these coasters around the home, in essential areas such as the kitchen, or near to the bed. Protecting items which you have made yourself couldn't be easier, since you could use the granite floor tiles as a stopper between your item and anything hot such as a cup of coffee.


You could also use your granite floor tiles as a decorative item. One such method would be to use them as a pathway, leading down to the base of your garden. You could also hang them from the walls, or use them to put plants on in the greenhouse. Granite is a good decorative material, but it is also very practical. If you are going to make a pathway out of them, be sure to add a little texture to your tiles, so that they don't become slippery when wet or icy.

Use as Tiles

You could also use your granite floor tiles as tiles in another part of your home. If you have removed them carefully, most of them should be intact, so you could use them to cover a floor or hallway.

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