Reappropriating Marble Floor Tiles

A marble floor gives a room a more formal look and atmosphere. They are commonly used in homes where there is a large entry foyer, an elegant bathroom, or gourmet kitchen. Marble floor tiles are a way to use this expensive material and still keep the costs under control. When redoing an old home, or just remodeling one that you already have, it is a good idea to reappropriate the marble floor tiles for another use rather than throwing them away.

Reusing for Different Applications

Marble tile floors do not have to be used just as a floor covering. This marble tile adds a lot of beauty and elegance to any room whether it is on the floor or not. Reappropriating is the art of using something, like the marble floor tiles, in another capacity. This can be for whatever useful purpose it may serve. Before taking the marble tiles to the dumpster, stop and think about ways they can be reused. You must use great care when removing marble floor tiles that are already installed. Pry them up carefully so you do not break them. 

Reuse in Smaller Floor

If you can salvage many of the marble floor tiles without cracking them they can still be useful as a floor tile. These reusable tiles can be placed in a smaller area, or in a small entry area at the front door. A laundry room, or half bath would also be ideal situations for reused marble floor tile. Installation is the same as the original installation, but you will need to break off some of the mortar to get at the grooves in the tile. 

Reuse as Backsplash

Another great way to use marble floor tiles is for a kitchen backsplash. Because floor tiles are generally larger than backsplash tiles you will use less of them while still providing great protection to the wall. You may have to seal the tiles after they are installed if they were not already.

Create Mosaic Design in Water Feature

When reusing marble floor tile you are only limited by your imagination. There are really no hard and fast rules in reappropriating the marble tiles. One great way to reuse them is in an outdoor water feature. Break up the tiles into smaller pieces and create a custom mosaic design. Place at the bottom of a small pond or along the outside of a fountain.

Line Walkway With Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles will also look good lining a walkway from your home to a patio or outdoor seating area. They can also be used to create a distinct dining area on a deck. Install the marble floor tiles on the deck and place your table and chairs on them. 

Reuse for Outdoor Half Wall

Some homeowners like to build a small half wall along the edge of their yard. This is a solid concrete wall that is only a few feet high. Line the marble floor tile on one side of the wall to give it some added character. The installation would be the same as applying it to a wall or floor.