Reasons Not to Use Electrostatic Filters in a Furnace Reasons Not to Use Electrostatic Filters in a Furnace

Homeowners who have used electrostatic filters in their homes' furnaces and air conditioning systems have often found that these filters can cause operational problems because of their high density. Freezing up in summer months and overheating in winter months are two examples of the problems these filters can cause.

Frequent Cleaning

Don't expect to install these filters and expect them to operate without cleaning. You will likely need to clean them monthly, if not more often. With the electrostatic filters, cleaning is more challenging because of the multiple layers in the filters that will need to be individually removed and cleaned.

Improper Cleaning

The small nylon rods in the casing of an electrostatic filter are sensitive. They can be damaged by a stronger stream of water. For this reason, you should not use a garden hose to clean the plates. Instead, spray household cleaner on the filter (both sides) and allow it to dry by evaporation.

Particulate Filtering Efficiency

Homeowners expecting to remove particulates smaller then 0.3 microns will often be disappointed to learn that some air filters, including those that are electrostatic, often fail to remove them. Smaller particles such as those that you are more likely to have from cigarette smoke and some toxins are not typically filtered out by these air filters.

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