Reasons to Choose a Deck Spiral Staircase Reasons to Choose a Deck Spiral Staircase

When building a new deck spiral staircase, you will no doubt have thought about space issues as well as aesthetics. Spiral staircases clearly take up less room than straight stairs and the amount of space required for installing them is enormous in comparison to a spiral staircase.


The mere shape of a spiral is in itself a more vertical type of staircase, so if the space you are working in is limited, it is clearly the most ideal option. Spiral staircases can be made from wrought iron, steel, aluminum or wood and can be created for low-maintenance and high aesthetic value. If your decking area is small you will want to proportion the staircase so that it doesn’t over power the size of the decking area.

The Land

Where and how you are intending to place your spiral staircase is paramount in the construction of the decking. If it is on a side area where access is limited a spiral staircase is ideal. Even if you have plenty room for a straight staircase, there is still every reason to opt for a spiral on the grounds that you will have even more space to play with on the area below your decking.


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