Reasons to Choose PVC Drain Pipe for a Sink Drain

PVC drain pipe is the popular material choice for this job. If you are looking to replace your pipe, PVC pipe really is the best for you.


PVC pipe is a great quality pipe overall. It is lightweight, but also durable and is great for plumbing jobs. They can also be fused together to make the sink drain curve in the direction that it needs to go. This pipe is also very high on the list of those resistant to corrosion. It does not wear down as acids and bases run through it which is a common trait of many other pipe materials. The PVC pipe is almost known for it's insulation which makes it great for water or sink drains because you can't hear the echoing.


PVC pipe can be found at a great cost, especially for the high quality. The best part of the cost factor is that not only is it not too expensive to purchase up front for the job, it also lasts longer than many other pipes and can withstand much of the wear and tear. Because of this, you end up saving a lot of money in the long run if you go with the PVC piping. The bottom line is that PVC pipe is great for sink drains and if you use it on your next project you will not regret it.