Reasons to Create Split Level Homes Reasons to Create Split Level Homes

Split level homes are those which have multiple-levels of floors which connect with each other throughout the house. Typically, they are made with 3 floors, the new level beginning about half-way up the gap between the floor and the ceiling. While split level homes can be awkward to build, and occasionally inconvenient, there are a few sound reasons for considering creating split level homes.

Land Use

Split level homes can actually increase the square footage of a house on a small piece of land. It can also assist in building houses where the land is very steep, or difficult to build upon. In cramped areas split level homes can increase the number of residential buildings on a site, making economical use of small spaces, and also helping to reduce the pressure on parks and grasslands.


Using split level homes can offer homeowners the opportunity of living in a ranch-style house, without the problems of heating and maintaining a large, flat building. It makes sound financial sense to purchase split level homes, while still giving homeowners the feeling of living in a ranch.


Building split level homes makes sound financial sense, as they are much more cost-effective than full two-story homes, but they need much less space than ranch-style bungalows.

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