Reasons to Install a Solar Powered Fan in Your Garage

A solar powered fan installed in your garage is a practical solution for reducing your electricity costs. These fans harvest the energy of the sun through solar cells located in special panels. These fans are efficient at lowering the temperature of hot air and circulating cool air.

Energy Efficient

Solar powered fans require no electrical power or any other type of fuel to operate. They also produce no waste nor pollution and this feature makes them great for the environment.

Money Savings

Solar powered garage fans can lower the interior temperature by up to fifty percent and lower your electric bills as well. There are no energy costs in operating them. The only cost required for this device is the initial amounts in its purchase and installation.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

They reduce moisture in the air and keep the interior and its contents drier. The ventilation provided by the solar powered garage fan can also extend the life of the garage roof. It can reduce and possibly prevent any potential for ice damming and mold and mildew growth and decay.

Easy Installation

Many of these fans are available fully assembled and require less than one hour to install them.


Most solar panels are durable and resistant to wind, hail and other forms of impact.