Reasons To Use A Pole Chain Saw

A pole chain saw is a chain saw attached to the end of a pole. Here are a couple reasons you may wish to use a pole chain saw.


Using a pole chain saw is much safer than trying to “go to the tree.” By placing a lightweight chain saw at the end of a pole, you can stand on the ground while pruning or cutting tree branches above. With your feet planted firmly on the ground, you avoid using a ladder or climbing the tree to perform cutting and pruning chores. Pole chain saws come equipped with ergonomically designed anti-vibration handles, making them easy to operate and comfortable to handle.


The popular choice in recent years is a cordless electric pole chain saw. Modern technology has helped develop battery packs that sustain longer charges. These models offer the best convenience for cutting branches overhead–no cord or no added weight associated with this pole chain saw. The lightweight design allows many different people the capability to operate a pole chain saw both effectively and safely.