Reasons to Use Limestone Bricks

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One of the many different types of building bricks, limestone bricks are highly popular because of their durability and hardiness. Limestone bricks are one of the oldest types of building materials. Many ancient structures, like the pyramids in Egypt, were built with large limestone blocks cut directly from quarries. Today, limestone bricks are still popular in new construction and landscape elements.

Quarry Cut

One of the reasons that many people will use limestone bricks over other types of building materials is that they are cut directly from quarries instead of being made from powders. Limestone bricks are a natural element that has a tight grain and a variety of colors.

Strong and Durable

Limestone bricks, because they are cut from natural stone, are very strong and durable. These bricks will last for many years without any cracks or erosion. When used to form a retaining wall, foundation wall or driveway, homeowners can be very confident that replacement costs are going to be minimal.

Readily Available

There are several companies across the country that are situated near limestone quarries. These companies have tens of thousands of large blocks on hand that are cut into different sizes, grades, and colors of limestone bricks. These large limestone blocks are relatively easy to cut which makes them cheaper than other types of stone, like granite or marble.

Easy to Work With

For a do it yourself homeowner who is looking to lay a patio with limestone bricks, or side their home with limestone veneer, or is looking at limestone driveway, the bricks are very easy to install. While the brick is incredibly hard and durable, it is also easy to work with, cut, and install.

Variety in Size

When working with common bricks, they are of one uniform size. For some applications, this is a good characteristic. However, the limestone bricks add some variety for walls and patios. The different sizes are available in width and length. Piecing these bricks together is sometimes the fun part of the installation.

Weather Resistant

Limestone bricks are great to work with because they hold up to weather much better than other types of building materials. They must be sealed against water, but they will not expand or crack. Limestone does soak up water after time so a sealant is required.

Less Expensive than Other Stones

When it comes to keeping within a budget, the limestone bricks will help homeowners stretch their dollar value. Because limestone is readily available, the costs are kept low for the consumer.

Great Conductor of Heat

In the warmer regions of the country, limestone brick is a great conductor of heat. This means that homes that are built with limestone bricks will have a much cooler interior. It is a natural way to keep a home cool without resorting to air conditioning.

Holds Paint Well

The natural colors of limestone bricks are quite nice, but there are times when a homeowner will want to paint over the bricks themselves. Limestone, while it does soak up the first coat, will hold paint well for many years. There is less maintenance to the paint with limestone bricks than other types of building materials. Bright colors look the best as it still shows off the grain and texture.