Reasons to Vent Bathroom Plumbing

Adding a vent to your bathroom plumbing is a vital part of any draining or plumbing system. Venting is a simple procedure, but it can help to ensure that your plumbing continues to work, and that you don't need to call out a specialist plumber every five minutes to fix a problem. There are a number of reasons why you should consider adding a venting system to your bathroom plumbing.

Reason 1: Air Flow

Plumbing systems, particularly in tightly packed places such as cities, need to have a good source of air flow through the pipes. There are a number of gases which can build up in your bathroom plumbing, and venting moves the air, and pulls the gas along the tube. This prevents them from getting trapped in one place. Gas which is trapped can cause damage to pipes, and may lead to cracks which can then cause water or sewage leaks. Venting therefore prevents major damage from occurring which could cost thousands to replace. Proper venting also keeps the pipes from retaining these gasses, so you don't get an excessive amount of bad smelling gas. This gas could be pushed up to the faucet or bowl, creating foul smells in bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens.

Reason 2: Maintaining Pressure

All of the water which flows through your bathroom plumbing is at a certain pressure. Tubes are a contained atmosphere, meaning that additional gasses cause increasing pressure. Waste water and sewage systems contain a large number of bacteria, which in turn create a number of gases. Packed into tight tubes, these gases can become pressurized, and if they are not moved from the system, this means that they can become explosive. In addition, every time you run a tap or flush the toilet, you are altering the water pressure in the home. Excessive pressure can damage the pipes from inside, but if the pressure inside and outside the tube is not regulated, you can also have an implosion, also causing damage.  Venting equalizes the pressure inside the bathroom plumbing, ensuring that your home is not damaged in any way.

Reason 3: Preventing the Vacuum

Another reason for ensuring that the bathroom plumbing is properly vented is that without proper air pressure inside the toilet, you can create a vacuum. This will not only suck away waste water, but will also pull water from nearby fittings, such as toilets. This can drain your appliances, and leave you with an excessive amount of water waste which can cause problems with sump pumps or the drainage system. The water can also create a vacuum behind itself which will pull water away from other places, and even break water seals. This will cause flooding and other problems. Properly venting your bathroom plumbing prevents the build up of this vacuum, and stops the water from causing leaks and damage to pipes, which could cost a great deal to replace.