Rebalancing Interior Doors

What You'll Need
Shims and other materials that can be used as a wedge
Screwdriver (Philips head or flat head)

Interior doors need to be rebalanced from time to time. If a home has just been built, it will likely end up settling the first year or 2  after it has been completed. During the settlement process, the doors become out of line. Rebalancing them is not a difficult task if you follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Create a Wedge

If your door is no longer level, try a quick fix by placing something like a wedge between the lower hinge and the frame of the door. You will need to experiment with different types of shims and materials to see what works best for this quick fix. This requires a little trial and error.

Step 2 - Loosen the Screws

Without removing the door, try to loosen the screws that hold the bottom of the hinge. The bottom of the hinge is attached to the door through these screws. If you loosen them just enough, you should be able to slide a cardboard shim or a wooden shim underneath the underbelly of the hinge.

Step 3 - Tighten the Screws

Use your screwdriver and tighten the screws. Check to see if your door closes and opens without much effort. If it does, then you have done the trick. If it is still not rebalanced enough, then you will need to loosen the screws again and reset the shim a different way. Try to increase or decrease the thickness of the shim.

Step 4 - Remove the Door Hinge

Pull off the pin that holds the bottom door hinge in place. Take a hammer and give teh pin a bit of a tap. You want to try and bend the hinge slightly. Using a hammer on the pin against a real hard surface usually works the best.

Step 5 - Put Hinge Back

Put the hinge back onto the door. You can tap it into place with your hammer.

Step 6 - Check the Door

Test the door to see that it has been rebalanced. Make sure that it opens and closes properly. You may need to repeat steps 5 and 6 until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Step 7 - Remove the Door Altogether

If the above steps do not work, then you will need to take the door off completely by pulling the pins out. Once you have the door off, you will have to reset the hinges and the pins. The door can be put back on and you can check to make sure that it is level and rebalanced.