Recognizing and Troubleshooting a Stuck Car Thermostat

There are many reasons why your car thermostat might get stuck. If you notice your car operating differently or oddly compared with its usual behavior, you will need to check whether the thermostat has actually got a fault. You need to locate your car thermostat before you can proceed to test the unit but before that, there are some other faults to look for.


Initially, when you start your car from cold, the thermostat will remain closed. This allows the cooling fluids to circulate the engine until it reaches an acceptable level of warmth. The thermostat should then open and this is what lets warm air flow through the vents when you turn up the car heater on a cold day. If your heater is blowing cold air, this could be a sign that the thermostat is stuck shut. This can be highly disastrous to the car because it can rapidly overheat. The thermostat will definitely need replacing.

Fuel Economy

The economic level of fuel that you are accustomed to might be seriously affected if your thermostat is faulty. The fault will cause a string of errors of components which team together to help with proper vehicle function and fuel will be more quickly used if the engine is struggling. If your thermostat is faulty, replace it with a new one.