Recommended Computer Specs for Video Editing

In order to use your computer for video editing, you will have to possess a setup capable of processing real-time video. Rendering video requires certain specifications. It is recommended that, if video editing is your goal, you utilize a desktop setup rather than a laptop workstation. Desktops are easier to work with when it comes to the necessary plug-ins.

Computer Specs for Video Editing

The specs your computer possesses are as important as its setup. Macs are known for their ability to process video and extensive audio data. Software like Final Cut Pro is only compatible with Macs, while audio engineering programs like Pro Tools work best with them. At minimum, 2 GB of RAM are required to run top-of-the-line video editing software along with a 1.25 GHz dual-core processor. Because you are working with so much data, 55 or more GB need to be available on your hard drive. For the best results, these numbers should be doubled. Otherwise the process of video editing will be painfully slow.

For PCs, at least 4 GB of RAM are necessary. There should be at least 160 GB of hard drive space as well. Macs are superior for video editing, but for PC lovers anything is possible, especially if you have a custom built hard drive and a processor capable of handling the load.