Recover Your Patio Cushions in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
No sew tape
Durable cushion material
Sewing machine
Heavy duty thread
Measuring tape

Patio cushions will help to provide comfort to your patio furniture. Because they are outdoors these cushions tend to become worn very easily and rip from sun damage and adverse weather conditions in addition to the usual wear and tear that cushions will go through. To ensure that you will not have to replace your patio cushions on a regular basis there are some basic steps to take in recovering them. Below are some steps and tips on how to keep your patio cushions looking like new again.

Step 1 – Survey the Damage

When your patio furniture cushions become damaged there are only a few things that you can do to get them back how they were. Depending on the damage you have a few different options. If the damage that is done is not too bad then you can usually repair it without having to sew anything at all. Take an iron and some no sew tape to your patio furniture cushions. This is a quick and effective way to get the job done.

Step 2 – Measure

If you do not wish to use no sew tape and an iron and wish to sew new patio furniture cushions then measuring will need to take place. This will require you to get out a measuring tape and find out the exact measurements of your cushion.

Step 3 – Material

You are going to want to make sure that you have a sturdy material to use on your patio cushions. There are several different kinds of materials to choose from, be sure that it goes with your décor and does not clash. Even for material that is sturdy, matching is something that you will want to keep in mind.

  • Some recommend using jeans as a cover for your patio chairs. These can be easily removed and washed and are very durable as well. 
  • Some people will also use tablecloths as well. There are several different kinds of materials especially designed for patio furniture cushions too.

Step 4 – Sewing

Once you have your materials and measurements you are ready to begin sewing your cushions. When you are cutting the material for the cushions, be sure to add an additional two inches on either side. You are going to only want to pin three of the sides together, make sure that the right sides are facing each other. The fourth side will need to be left open for you to be able to slip the cushion into. Do this with all of the cushions so that they will all be ready at the same time for sewing. A 2 inch seam will need to be used for each side. After you have gotten them sewed together you will need to flip them inside out to add your cushion. With any excess material you can either cut it off or sew it into the rest of the cushion.