Recycling an Old Aquarium Tank

What You'll Need
Old aquarium tank
Plant cuttings
Spray bottle
Small rocks
Activated charcoal
Clean sand
Peat moss

With a little creativity, an old aquarium tank can be recycling a number of fun and practical uses. If you don't have one on hand, pick one up at a garage sale. Recycle it by turning it into a starter tank for plant cuttings or a terrarium.

Recycling an Aquarium Tank for Plant Cuttings

Step 1:

Clean and dry aquarium tank. Fill the bottom with clean sand to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. Spray the sand with water until it is damp all the way through.

Step 2:

Push plant cutting in the sand, enough to cover the stem and hold it upright. Cover with aquarium top and light. Turn on the light during the day and replant cuttings when they have rooted.

Recycling an Aquarium Tank into a Terrarium

Step 1:

Clean and dry tank thoroughly. Place a 1 inch layer of small rocks for drainage. To absorb gases and keep soil fresh, add a thin layer of activated charcoal. Combine clean sand and shredded peat moss to fill tank 1/3 full.

Set larger rooted plants in first, followed by smaller plants. Do not overfill, as plants will grow and begin to crowd each other. Add decorations of your choice.

Spray soil just until you see water reach the bottom of the tank. Cover with top and use the light to illuminate your creation. Water about once a month or as needed.