Recycling Used Vinyl Plank Flooring

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It's possible to recycle all forms of vinyl, including vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl has been diverted from landfills and trash sites since before the turn of the century, and post-industrial recycling helps to put even the cut-offs back into other finished vinyl products. With this in mind, it is comparatively easy to get your used vinyl plank flooring recycled.

Re-Using the Flooring

Most vinyl floor manufacturers agree that, if the floors were made in the last decade, then it is possible to reuse the floors as whole pieces, although a lot depends upon the glues used in the original vinyl. Tiles and shorter boards can be made from vinyl plank flooring, and it can also be used whole as carpet backing. Vinyl plank flooring can therefore be recycled if they are kept as whole as possible.

Recycling the Material

Vinyl plank boarding can not always be recycled whole and could end up in a trash bin because of this. However, you can get in contact with recycling firms through a list available on the internet, find out if anyone wishes to strip the vinyl from the backing and use that to recycle. If you want your vinyl plank flooring to be environmentally friendly, then it is best to install recycled planks at the start, rather than attempting to make them green at the end of their life.