Recycling Your Old Drop Sink

Drop sinks are installed in many houses and after using it for a certain amount of time you might want to replace it. Replacing the old drop sink is very easy and that is why many people throw away the old one and go for a new one. The used and old drop sinks causes environmental pollution if not disposed properly and they add to the waste material present in the environment and as a result it stimulates environmental degradation.


The drop sinks are made up of various materials. The most common ones are made up of cast iron and on top of it enamel paint is applied for its finishing. Many other are made up of ceramic while sometimes marble or other stones are used for building them. The drop sinks are not very expensive and there is no non-degradable material present in the sink. Another very common type of drop sinks are earthenware drop sinks. Glaze is applied over clay for building these drop sinks. These are also very common and can be very easily recycled.

What You Can Do with the Old Drop Sink

There are many stores where you can sell your old drop sink and get a good amount according to its condition. Once you have installed a new drop sink in your house the old one becomes totally useless and it can do nothing more than occupy a certain amount of space in your house. If you simply throw them away then also the old drop sink will get deposited as waste and it will cause environmental pollution. To save yourself from such a situation you have two options in your hand. If the drop sink is made up of any metal then you can approach a proper recycler who can recycle the sink by melting the metal and refining it. The metal can be then used for some other purpose or you can sell it.

Reselling the Old Drop Sink

In case the drop sink is made of stone or ceramic material then you have many takers. The stone drop sinks are sometimes sold as antique ones and you can get a good price for it. The stone and ceramic drop sinks cannot be recycled and reused for some other reason. So the only option left is to resell them. The stone drop sinks are generally costly and that is why many people cannot afford to buy a new one. For this reason there is a good demand of the used and recycled ones in the market.


One good reason why the old drop sinks can be recycled easily is their longevity. The drop sinks are not damaged easily and they can maximum have few scratches. The drop sinks are very long-lasting and are durable also. People can use one drop sink for years but still it remains in good shape and there is no possibility of getting damaged. That is why you can have a good re-sell value and easily recycle them.