Red Worm Facts Red Worm Facts

The red worm, or the Eisenia Foetida, is an insect often used by farmers and gardeners to make fertilizing mulch from kitchen and garden waste. They can be bought in worm boxes, which are then filled full of compost materials (not including meat waste), and left to produce a mulch. The red worm is a native of Europe, and likes vegetables, fruit, coffee grounds, egg shells and cereals, but will not consume meats, acids, or dairy products. 

The Red Worm

Also known as the Red Wriggler, the Striped Worm, the Manure Worm, or the Tiger Worm, due to its stripped body. The red worm can consume around half its own body weight per day (based in the evidence that 1 pound of worms can consume 1/2 a pound of compost each day). The red worm produces eggs around three times a year, and the eggs hatch in around 6 weeks. The red worm will continue to reproduce as long as there is food to sustain it. Despite the importance of the red worm in producing a good mulch that is environmentally friendly, they may threaten the existence of other worms and pests: as they eat leaf and tree litter, it is likely that they could prevent plants from re-seeding properly, and also hinder eco-systems that are dependant upon leaf litter.

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