Redecorate Your Curtains or Drapes Redecorate Your Curtains or Drapes

...With Lots of Style and Very Little Money

If you have a very wide patio door with curtains or drapes to cover it, it can be very expensive to replace custom drapes of that size. So, I found away around it: Build in front of it! As long as the curtains are in good shape, measure the curtains from side to side. Write this number down. Then divide that number in half and each half in thirds: for instance, if your measurement is 144 inches wide, half of that is 72. 72 divided in thirds is 24. Take a ruler and measure off these distances at the top of the drapes with a straight pin. Using the ruler again, hold it flat to the drape top, and with a pencil, put a dot on the ceiling at the intervals you just measured off. Then screw in a large cup hook into the ceiling at each dot. Use two 48-84" cafe curtain rods (color your choice that you found on sale), and valances (which you also found on sale), you can now add a dramatc change to your wide patio door (even regular sized) without compromising the drapes themselves. This also works well with vertical blinds.

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