Redesigning an Above Ground Pool Deck Redesigning an Above Ground Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Stencils (bought or improvised)
Good quality hard wood planks
Water-resistant outdoor furniture
Repair kit
Plants, ornamental pebbles, and the like
Outdoor lighting
Other design tools that you want to use (i.e. paint, tiles, etc.)

Redesigning your above-ground pool deck may sound like a job only experts can do. But just like redecorating the interior of your house, having to redesign your pool deck is a relatively simple task as long as you have all the necessary materials, a fair amount of creativity, and some basic repair and installation skills.

Step 1 - Inspect

Check what needs to be repaired and redesigned. Set aside any piece of furniture until you see your above-ground pool deck in its most basic form. Look for damages like cracks, scratches, and dents. Take a closer look at the pool pavers, the deck surface, and the stairs because damages are usually found in these areas. Do not forget to take note of these things as you go through your inspection.

Step 2 - Think of Aesthetics

After focusing on the things that must be fixed, you can move on to aesthetics or the overall appeal that you want your pool deck to have. If you have a plastic pool deck surface, consider going for hard wood like redwood. Though it costs more, wooden surfaces are more ideal than plastic because it’s more durable, safe, and more appealing. You may seek advice from a professional designer if you cannot decide on what looks good and what doesn’t.

Step 3 - Prepare and Organize

Gather all the materials needed to repair the damages that you took note of. Evaluate the cost of the things that you need. Double check the amount of supplies that you have. It is wise to have a bit more than what you think you need, in case of errors. Make a timetable or a priority list as to which should be done first. Start with the bigger structural repairs then proceed to minor redesigning up to the small details.

Step 4 - Repair and Redesign

Follow the list that you made during the preparation phase. Add different elements to your design to achieve balance and maximum functionality. Use bricks or ornamental rocks to outline your deck area. This will give it a more defined look. You may also use concrete for some portions of the deck surface. Add texture by using stencils or even a crumpled sheet of plastic. Give it a natural outdoor ambiance by adding plants, pebbles, and the like. Finally, sensibly position some pieces of outdoor furniture like chairs, small tables, lamps, and even an outdoor grill around the area. These will transcend the purpose of your above ground pool deck to being a functional attraction.

Step 5 - Evaluate

Assess the final overall look of the area. Make the necessary adjustments according to what makes sense especially in the placement of furniture, plants, etc. Also, check the final result for safety issues like unleveled surfaces and fire hazards. During night time, evaluate if the lighting is appropriate.

With these 5 steps, you can transform your above ground pool deck in to a modern hub for entertainment that’s just a few steps away from the couch.

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