Redoing The Barn Roof

When redoing your barn roof, you can take the opportunity to replace it with any shape or style you’d like. For example, you may want to create more interior height by placing the support beams higher up on the truss to create more headroom.

Most barn roofs have an octagonal shape with 2 bottom sides that are less angled for more headroom or storage. Build trusses with 2x4, 2x6 or whatever size board you’d like, keeping in mind the amount of weight to support and how strong you want the truss to be.

Build the Truss

This step will require the following materials:

  • Truss boards of choice – 2x6, 4x8 or beams
  • Air hammer with nails
  • Bracing material
  • Miter saw

Step 1 – Measure the Roof

Calculate the size of your roof and cut the first set of truss boards at a 67.5-degree angle. This way they will fit to form a 22.5-degree angle over a 90 degree one.

Step 2 – Brace It

Attach the first 2 roof truss boards together with a metal brace on both sides. Repeat the same to create the other side.

Step 3 – Form Half Octagon

Attach the two sides to create a typical half-octagon barn roof shape. Connect these together using a center brace, leaving space for a vertical brace.

Decide how high up to place the horizontal beams to support the roof.

Step 4 – Horizontal Cross Beams

Once the horizontal cross beams are cut, attach these to the roof truss using a metal brace. Make sure to place the horizontal cross beam high enough to allow for maximum headroom. Attach these anywhere along the sides of the truss.

Step 5 – Vertical Beams

After measuring and cutting the vertical beams, place them so they fit under the roof peak, extending down to the center of the cross beams.

Step 6 – Build Additional Trusses

Repeat the truss building steps, creating as many as your roof will need. A typical truss is spaced every 2 feet. However, for thicker truss boards, you might place them every 3 or 4 feet.

Tips to Consider

There are tons of different barn roof designs, some which use beams and others that have attic areas created by lowering the horizontal beams and removing the vertical center truss support beam. Now the cross braces will not only support the roof, but will form the attic floor.

Truss Hanging

  1. Lift Number One - Secure the first truss to the wall lifting it up in place and attaching it with braces.
  2. Number Two Truss - Secure the second truss as you did the first and then attaché the two together using a spacer – at the bottom and at the top of the truss. Use 2-inch nails to attach each truss to the spacer.
  3. Additional Trusses - Repeat the step above until the entire roof is in place.
  4. Roof Planks - Attach your selected roof planking an tar paper, and then add your chosen shingles to complete your barn roof project.