Reduce Your Energy Bill with Thermal Drapes Reduce Your Energy Bill with Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes are designed to separate temperatures, keeping one kind of air in and another kind out. Thermal drapes will help to reduce your energy bill in the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Creates a Seal

Hang up thermal drapes in your home and you can reduce your heating and cooling bill by about 20% over the course of the year. When you use drape shade to block out sunlight and keep hot air out of your home, you put less stress on your air conditioner. The same is true for your heater and the drafty tendencies of windows in the winter.

When you keep your drapes closed, you’re almost literally sealing your window, but without actually having to go through all the trouble of putting a sealer on your windows or even going so far as to replace them.

Allows You To Reduce Cooling Costs

In some regions, summer nights get cool enough for you to open your windows and doors at night to bring cool air in and get rid of the hot air that may have collected during the day. If you do this, and then close the windows and thermal curtains in the morning you can cut down the total amount of time you run your air conditioner by up to 16 hours, including the time during the night when you open your windows for fresh air.

When you hang thermal drapes in the summer and run ceiling fans, you take a lot of stress off of your air conditioner. It’s terrible for the environment to run your air all day and night, and while sometimes the weather calls for it, anything you can do to reduce your monthly electric bill is a plus. You can close your drapes and run your air conditioner on an automatic setting, and keep the temperature up at about 76 degrees F. This will actually help you reduce your air conditioning bill for the summer by up to 30%.

Reducing Heating Costs

Heat rises, and cold air sinks. If all of your windows are drafty in the middle of January, naturally you'll turn up your heater. The repetitive running of you heating will increase your energy bill and cause added stress to the unit. Using thermal drapes will help limit costly bills and repairs.

Thermal drapes are a great addition to any home design. Whether you’re buying embroidered drapes with thermal lining, or just plain solid thermal drapes, you can certainly tie style in with function—but remember, the function is the best reason to switch to thermal drapes. Within a year they’ll pay for themselves.

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