Reducing Electric Fence Noise

One thing that can be annoying for anyone that has an electric fence is that strange humming noise. If your electric fence transformer is close to your home, you probably have heard the high whining or humming that seems to come from the control box. It generally is not in the control box at all but is arcing due to a short somewhere else in your fence line. Noise coming from the electric fence is a low-frequency radio signal that can occur even if the electric fence is in perfect working order.


  • Handheld radio

Step 1 - Detect the Short

This signal can interfere with radio frequencies. Under Part 15 of the FCC rules, authorities could require you to correct the problem or shut the fence down. Be sure to check the fence perimeter for any plant growth that may be touching and grounding the line. Then use your handheld radio and following your fence line, listen for interference over the air. This interference will lead you to the short. You will hear an audible difference in the radio static as you move closer to the short circuit.

Step 2 - Pursue Preventative Maintenance

Most electric fence noise comes from a random spark in the system. Fence wire and gate hooks themselves are the more common causes of these types of problems. Be sure that your electric fence is not touching any other metal surfaces where it can ground out. Check all your lines to be sure they do not cross anywhere.