Redwood Lumber: Advantages and Four Uses

Redwood lumber is known for its durability and weather resistance. It has many uses and has been popular for the rustic look for many years.

Redwood lumber has always been popular for fencing. It has a tendency to resist insects and also is more resistant to UV rays than some other types of wood. It can be coated with a clear, spray on sealant and the beautiful red cast of the wood will last for years and years.

Decks built of redwood lumber are very popular because they give an added color to your landscape and outdoor living area without having to stain it every year. A coating of waterproofing each year will make your deck have a very long life and keep the red color intact. Redwood is a hard lumber and because of this, it resists wear better than other woods such as pine.

Mini barns and storage units are often built of redwood lumber for the fun appeal of the little red barn look. Again, it is low maintenance and less expensive than many woods used in outdoor building so its very popular. You can get more storage space for your dollar by using this lumber.

Outdoor furniture built of redwood lumber is also very popular. Adirondack chairs, tables and rockers will last season after season with just a coating of sealant and an occasional hosing down for cleanliness.