Reed Diffuser Air Freshners Reed Diffuser Air Freshners

Reed diffuser air fresheners are a safe way to fill any room with fragrance while avoiding the dangers of candles. In addition, many people find that they provide long-lasting scent in an attractive way.

Reed diffuser air fresheners consist of a jar or vase filled with fragrant oil, and reeds that - once inserted into the oil - will draw the oil up and allow it to evaporate into the air. This process will infuse a room with fragrance day after day. The oils come in fresh scents, floral scents, spicy scents, or even woody or fruit scents.

To prolong the life of your reed diffuser, simply flip the reeds (all for a lot of fragrance, some for a little) end-over-end using a tissue every week until all oil has been used. Some reed diffusers last months, and after the oil is gone, refills are available for purchase.

If you want to make your own reed diffuser air freshener, reeds are available for purchase, as well as fragrant oils - sometimes referred to as “reed diffuser base.” Small glass jars or vases with wide bellies and small openings are usually the best vessels for reed diffusers, as you want the reeds to fill the mouth of the vessel so that the oil must use the reeds in order to evaporate into the air. It is also possible to purchase a cap through which the reeds can be pierced.

Many satisfied users have likened reed diffusers to wacky floral arrangement that produce even more fragrance than a live plant. Reed diffuser air fresheners are popular for all the right reasons - you may find yourself switching from potpourri, candles, or room sprays once you try a reed diffuser. After all, reed diffusers come with no mess, no danger, and nothing to replace for months.

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