Refinish A Wood Corner Desk In 6 Steps

Refinishing your wood corner desk or wood corner table can breathe live back into your work space. Rather that buying a new desk or table to change up the look of your office or study area, painting your current one will save you money and can be accomplished in six easy steps.

1. Prep Your Wood Corner Desk

Before starting any work, remove any drawers or hardware that is on your desk. If you will be reusing the hardware, keep it somewhere safe. If you are completely changing the look of your corner wood table, then you can purchase new hardware.

2. Remove Existing Paint or Varnish

Before painting your wood corner desk, it is best to remove any existing paint or varnish. This will ensure that your primer and paint go on smoothly and evenly. Also, if the existing paint job is peeling and you paint over it, the new paint will also lift off of the surface.

There are several different ways that you can remove the paint. You can use heat and peel the paint off or can also use an electrical sander and sand away the finish. The easiest way is to use a paint stripper that is specifically designed for use on wood. You can go to a paint store or a furniture store and pick some up. Always follow the instruction for use provided by the manufacturer.

Once you have stripped the paint off, clean the desk with a solvent made for cleaning wood.

3. Sand Your Desk

Even though you have used a paint stripper to remove the paint from your desk or table, there may still be some stubborn paint or varnish remaining.  Using a fine grain of sand paper, buff the desk to ensure that all the old paint and varnish has been removed. Wipe off any dust.

4. Prime Your Desk

There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to prime your wooden corner desk before painting or vanishing, but using a primer will make your paint job go on smoother and last longer. You will use a different primer based on whether you are painting or varnishing. Your local paint store will be able to match you up with the best primer for your job. Apply your primer and allow it to dry completely. 

5. Painting Your Corner Wood Desk

Once the primer has dried you can go ahead and paint your corner wood desk. If you are using paint, apply lightly and evenly allowing it to dry completely between each coat. Two coats should do the job.

Allow paint or stain to dry completely. 

Don’t forget about your desk drawers. They will also need to be stripped, sanded, and stained.

6. Adding Shine to Your Corner Wood Desk

Once your paint or stain has dried completely, apply your varnish. This will give your desk a glossy finish. Allow to dry completely before putting drawers and hardware back.