Refinish Metal Patio Furniture in 5 Steps Refinish Metal Patio Furniture in 5 Steps

Metal patio furniture is a wonderful accessory to any deck, lawn or outdoor seating area. Unlike wood models, metal furniture has a unique charm and excellent durability when left outside in the elements. However, your metal patio furniture may become tarnished or worn over time, and metal refinishing may be helpful in restoring your furniture to its highest quality. Follow these easy steps to refinish your metal patio furniture.

Step 1 - Gather Materials and Prepare

Before beginning to refinish your metal furniture, collect the necessary cleaning and polishing materials. You will need a detergent and a chemical rust remover, rust-resistant paint, scraping brushes and rags. Additionally, strip any non-metal components from the furniture by removing any cloth or plastic pieces. Be careful to remove any plastic or rubber tips for the legs of the furniture pieces.

Step 2 - Wash and Scrape the Furniture

Use a mild-strength detergent to clean the surface of the furniture. After scrubbing off surface dirt, rinse the furniture with water and allow to dry. Use a brush to gently scrape off any rust or paint chips that have developed on the surface of the metal. Pay careful attention to bubbles and inconsistencies in the paint, and scrape off any that you find. These may indicate rusting beneath the surface of the paint.

Step 3 - Apply a Chemical Rust Remover

There may be portions of the metal that are heavily rusted, or for which it is difficult to remove any rusted material that has developed. If this is the case, apply a chemical rust remover to the furniture, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the solution. You may need to allow the chemical solution to stand for a few hours before cleaning it off of the metal.

Step 4 - Re-Paint the Furniture

If you would like to protect your furniture against future rusting or corrosion, treat the metal with a rust-proof priming solution before applying multiple coats of rust-resistant paint. Again, follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paint or priming solution. For best results, apply 2 to 3 coats of paint, allowing 24 hours drying time in between each coat.

Step 5 - Reassemble the Furniture

Once the final coat of paint has dried completely, replace any cushions, covers or plastic pieces to your metal furniture.

If you leave your furniture outside, particularly in rainy or damp environments, it may be necessary to refinish each piece every 4 to 6 months. However, drier climates may prove less damaging to metal furniture. Examine your furniture pieces for signs of rust damage or paint chipping in order to determine how often to refinish each piece.

Refinishing metal furniture is a simple process that can be completed in a few hours. Ensure that you allow your refinished furniture to dry completely in covered areas before moving it, replacing any missing cushions or sitting.

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