Refinishing a Wooden Patio Table: Mistakes to Avoid

Refinishing wooden patio tables and furniture is a great way to save money and have tangle rewards for your efforts. When refinishing there are a few easy mistakes to avoid in order to get the best results.

Improper Sanding

Sanding it is the most important part of the process. Be sure to thoroughly and completely remove whatever finish was previously on the wood in order for the new finish to adequately take. Secondly, always move the sand paper in the same motion with the grain of the wood to keep from developing odd lines.

Don't Rush

Never stop sealing, staining, or painting in the middle of the project. Apply at least one thin coat be put on the entire project or lines being to appear where one coat left off and the other started. Even if using the exact same product, be sure you have ample time before beginning.

Use the Stripper Properly

Don't be stingy with the paint stripper. Saving a small amount of product could cost you tons of time in the long run. Layer it on and let it sit the allotted time. If the stripper sits too long the paint can re-harden and be even more of a burden. Read and follow the directions carefully.