Refinishing Cupboards: Expected Time And Cost

Refinishing cupboards can be a necessary but time-consuming task. Before you begin your project, consider the estimated costs and time it will take to complete the cupboards.

How Long Will It Take?

The length of time the process will take depends on the number and size of your cabinets and how many surfaces you have to refinish.

Count the number of doors and multiply that by at least 2 hours, depending on whether you are trying to strip ther doors to the bare wood (only possible on older, solid wood cabinets) or sand and refinish. Stripping the old finish takes longer.

You will also spend more time on the first few cupboards as you become accustomed to the process. Two hours per door for preparation should allow for cleaning time and sanding as you become more expert. Then add at least 1 hour per door for applying the paint or varnish.

You’ll need to calculate more time for the cabinet faces. While they will not take as long as the more detailed doors, you’ll still need to prepare them thoroughly and paint or stain carefully. One hour and more for corner cabinets is a good ballpark.

Calculate Cost

What you add in labor, you save in cost when refinishing your own cabinets. As for tools, you will need:

  • Stripping Materials
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes

It should be easy to calculate the cost of paint or stain materials by calculating the square inches or square feet of cupboard surfaces. Look at the paint or stain packaging and see how much area each can cover. Remember to add in the cost of primer if you are using paint.