Refinishing Granite Flooring

Lead Image for Refinishing Granite Flooring
  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-400
What You'll Need
Industrial sander
Diamond pads with abrasive grits
Diamond pads with less abrasive grits
Buffing chemical solution
Clean rug
Pail of water

Any kind or color of granite flooring provides a lively appeal to rooms and spaces. However, like all good things, the beauty of these items might fade over time. The luster of granite flooring may diminish thus making your floor look old and unattractive. Good thing there are steps that you can follow to make sure that your granite flooring always looks as good as new. These steps include refinishing. This type of granite flooring maintenance is usually performed by equipped workers. However, those who believe that they can perform the job well, follow the steps below.

Clean the Granite Flooring Area

Granite flooring undoubtedly loses its luster and shine because of dirt and stains. Make sure that your granite flooring really needs refinishing by removing dust particles and stains using a broom, clean rag, and water. Consider letting it dry after cleaning to see if you need to proceed to the next steps.

Flatten Your Granite Flooring

Once you have determined that your granite flooring really needs refinishing, start the steps to flatten out the tiles. Get a regular industrial sander to even out slants and rough edges on your granite flooring. Flatten areas that have seemingly irremovable stains. Clean off dust and debris.

Hone Your Granite Flooring

Fit a diamond pad with abrasive grit to your industrial sander. Get to the spots that have deep scratches, slants, and rough surfaces. You can also use the diamond pad-powered industrial sander to get rid of the hardest to remove stains and similar impurities. Be careful not to hone the areas that do not need further sanding as this would only create irregular textures.

Polish Your Granite Flooring

Remove the diamond pad with abrasive grit from your industrial sander and replace it with one that has a lot less abrasive grit. Again, run your industrial sander on the entire space of your granite flooring. Remember to do this with care so as not to damage your precious granite tiles. Clean off dust with an airbrush to determine if you still need to do the next step. If you think that your granite flooring has gained back its shine and luster, stop your refinishing routine here.

Buff Your Granite Flooring

Buffing granite flooring only takes place when the project involved is considered to be old. Those who have abandoned spaces usually resort to this last step to gain back the shine of granite flooring. Get a buffing chemical solution specially made for granite floor. Apply it to the area concerned as instructed by the packaging. Leave the chemical solution to dry unless otherwise advised. The solution would begin a chemical reaction that would bring out the best shine possible from your granite flooring. Read the instructions of the solution as you might need to use a floor polisher for the best results.